About Us

JQ Financial Solutions has been serving the Lexington, KY area since 2016. Founded by Jennifer Quillen, we provide comprehensive accounting, tax, business planning, and CFO services to business owners that are looking to break through their own growth and operating expectations. Our team works together to ensure that our clients can focus on the things that they love, not on the numbers.

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The JQ Financial Solutions Team

Jennifer "jq" quillen

Jennifer has been working in the financial industry since 2002, and specializes in identifying opportunities for growth as well as areas that can be streamlined to save money and time. One area she actively focuses on is helping clients, particularly small business owners, save money on their taxes. Being a small business owner herself gives JQ a perspective that is often lacking in the accounting world; rather than just seeing a set of numbers, she sees the struggles and opportunities that her clients face.

Jennifer believes that all financial decisions should be approached calmly and rationally, and not out of a place of fear or stress. A solid financial plan doesn't need to be sold, it's just a good fit.

When she isn't assisting clients Jen can be found spending time with her husband, Jon, her kids, or cheering on the UK Basketball team.

Mike Rosine

Mike has worked for Jennifer since 2019 as a Bookkeeper and Client Service Manager. He brings a strong IT and project management background to the group which he uses to help clients through any technical issues as well as keep the back office running smoothly.

Jason mccord

Jason joined JQ Financial Solutions in December 2022 as the office manager. With his customer focus and accounting background, he helps keep schedules organized and assists with bookkeeping.