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"Jennifer helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Before I started working with her, I was completely lost, unfocused, and honestly ill-equipped to successfully manage my business finances and had no idea where to begin in growing my business. Now, I will be hiring 2-3 additional people, expanding to another city, and doing projects in my community that will allow me less time in the office and more time out there doing what I love. Jennifer has even been available via email for simple questions even after the course ended. You won't be disappointed!! Invest in YOURSELF and your business."

"Working with Jennifer is about so much more than the bottom line! As a person who has always kept an eye on my finances, but largely felt like I was at the whims of others, working with Jennifer has helped me to really feel in charge of, inspired by, and supported in my business. 

I’ve learned several things about the way I perceive my own business and how to move through and past some of those beliefs what were more of a mental trap than anything. Jennifer has helped empower me to really make some big moves in my company and reposition my own mind from an output-based worker to a CEO mindset. 

Beyond understanding my own financial picture and needs, Jennifer has helped me move from scarcity to an abundance mindset where I am not making decisions out of fear, but well-informed, empowered choices to grow myself and my company. "



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